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The spiritual home of Irish guitar making

For 25 years Avalon’s master luthiers have nurtured and honed the skills and craftsmanship that permeates every guitar built at our Newtownards workshop – craftsmanship that is rightly regarded as world class.

Avalon’s excellence is firmly rooted in the talents of these skilful artisans. Their originality and attention to detail is unsurpassed, reflecting a passion and dedication to build the very best acoustic guitars.

The Avalon Approach

At Avalon we live and breathe acoustic guitars. Throughout each stage of design and production we are absorbed with every detail, masterfully applying traditional techniques and working with the finest tonewoods to create acoustic guitars that look, feel and sound incredible.

But what is it that we work so hard to achieve? Well that’s simple – we are here to build instruments of character and integrity which enable you to make the music you are so passionate about.

We readily acknowledge technological advances in modern guitar production, but experience, craftsmanship and instinct are the qualities we respect most. We prefer to rely on the expertise and discernment of the master luthier; the true tools of this artisan are his hands and eyes, guided by his judgement and discretion.

Master Luthiers

The renown of Avalon’s master luthiers stretches beyond excellence in acoustic guitars – they are constantly experimenting and developing new ideas and making a varied array of instruments from lyres and harps to mandolins, master classicals and cool archtops. With over a century of guitar making experience between them, Avalon’s luthiers are gifted artisans who take great pride in the work produced by their own hands. 

And they are accomplished musicians, with the ability to create not only the body of the instrument itself, but also its tone and musicality. They create a vibrant resonant voice and allow every Avalon guitarist to call on an extraordinary tone palette; rich, expressive and varied.