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Guitar dimensions in ‘mm’

 Dreadnought Small          
 Large Bout
   416      406        408   370
 Small Bout
   303      300        288   272
   258      252        273   233
 Box Length inc Heel

   530      520        520   500
 Total Length

   1040      1030        1030   1010
   124      120        120   100
 Nut Width

   44      44        44   44
 Neck Width at 14th

   56      56        56   56


Q: What is my Avalon guitar made from?

A: All handmade Avalon’s are constructed using top quality solid timbers from around the world. All Gold Series guitars are made from solid tonewoods. The Korean made Silver series had solid wood soundboards and laminated back and sides.

Q: What strings are on my Avalon guitar?
A: We use D’Addario strings as standard:
    EJ16’s or XT Light Phosper Bronze (12–53) for 6 string
    EJ38 (10–47) for 12 string
    EJ44C (Extra Hard Tension) for nylon Fusion models

Q: Where was my Avalon guitar made?
A: All handmade Avalon’s are made in Newtownards, Northern Ireland.  Early Gold Series models were also made in Northern Ireland. Later Gold Series models were made in the Czech Republic. The Silver series were only in production between 2003 & 2006 and constructed in South Korea.

Q: I can feel the fret ends when playing my guitar, what has happened?
A: Your guitar has more than likely lost some moisture causing the fingerboard to shrink slightly, you might also have some fret–buzz creep in and a loss of tone.  It is important to re–hydrate your guitar as soon as possible.  There are products available to assist you with this like the Humidipak, Dampit and Oasis, you can also contact us for information to best treat your guitar.

Q: When was my handcrafted Avalon guitar built?
A: Please email us for an accurate date: info@avalonguitars.com

Q: When was my Avalon ‘Silver’ Series guitar built?
A: The Silver model serial number is a 3 part code, broken down as follows…
    0311456  =  03~11~456  =  year~month~production number.
    So the guitar was built in 2003 in November and 456th guitar that month.

Q: What type of finish is on my Avalon guitar?
A: We use Nitro–Cellulose lacquer.

Q: What size of frets are fitted to my Avalon guitar?
A: We use medium sized fretwire …
    Crown width 2.4mm
    Crown height 1.1mm
    Tang width 0.6mm
    Tang width including barbs 0.95mm
    Total height 3.0mm
    Hardness HV–175.
    Some earlier Avalon models are fitted with jumbo sized fretwire with a
    crown width of 2.9mm and crown height of 1.3mm.

Q: What material is used for nut and saddles?
A: Genuine Ox Bone and/or Water Buffalo.

Q: What type of truss rod do you use?
A: Gotoh Bi–Flex / 2 way truss rod as standard.

Q: What is the correct factory string setup specification?
A: Standard string height at the 12th fret is 2.4mm (Bass) and 1.8mm (Treble), measured from the top of the fret to the bottom of the string.

Q: My Avalon guitar has a Lifetime Warranty, it needs a new set of strings, do you supply and fit them for free?
A: Ha ha ha! Nice try but no, strings are not covered by the Limited Lifetime Warranty.