Belfast Nashville Songwriter Festival – Generosity and Graciousness!

Belfast Nashville Songwriter Festival – Generosity and Graciousness!

You could be excused for thinking that musicians live and work in a dog eat dog industry, eager to eek out any advantage to progress their career. Refreshingly, no evidence of that could be detected during the last two weeks of the Belfast Nashville Songwriter Festival where the generosity and graciousness of all the artists, shone like a beacon.

Another story unfolded last week, a few hundred miles away in England, reaffirming the integrity and honour among hard working musicians. Stepping reluctantly into our spotlight is a rising star on the folk scene, Gavin Davenport. 

Gav went and got himself a pre–owned Avalon a few months ago, his first. “It is a wonderful, lovely, dream of a guitar” Gavin told us. But something kept nagging him that such a guitar should not have been sold for the ridiculously low price he paid for it. He wondered if it had been stolen. So he researched the internet for reports of a stolen Avalon; he checked the Musicians Union stolen instrument database, but drew a blank. Then he contacted us. 

We keep a detailed record of every guitar we build and where it goes when it leaves the factory, but the serial number Gav quoted didn’t exist. The soundhole label had been falsified, however, we were able to detect the correct serial number and discovered that the original owner had indeed had his Avalon stolen. 

Soon, they will be reunited with their cherished Avalon, thanks to Gavin’s sixth sense and of course, his honesty. He is philosophical about it: “I know how much my instruments mean to me and I’d like to think that if mine were nicked that someone would make similar efforts to get them back to me.” 

Gavin Davenport, we want to thank you for doing the right thing and we’re happy to let the world know that you are a man of integrity!

Honestly! @gavdavfolks

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