Introducing the Jan Akkerman Signature Model

Introducing the Jan Akkerman Signature Model

It is with enormous delight that we can announce today the introduction of the Avalon Jan Akkerman Signature model.

To his joy and delight, Jan took hold of his new guitar this afternoon. He formed an instant bond, beginning the love affair with a few gentle passing chords, warming up with a few jazz standards before consummating the union with the classic Focus anthems. 

Everyone at Avalon is thrilled to have one of the greatest ever guitar players put his trust in an Avalon to cover the breadth of his wide repertoire, from jazz and rock to folk and classical. 

There’s so much in Jan’s music to enjoy, but for now, you will be forgiven, along with all of us at Avalon Guitars, for recalling our teenage years, standing in our bedrooms playing air guitar to the music of the incomparable Mr. Akkerman.

Check out some of the photos on our Facebook Page.

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We will be introducing an exclusive visitors package we call The Avalon Pilgrimage, more information on this will be available soon.


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