Busy doing nothing?

Busy doing nothing?

Being connoisseurs of fine handcrafted guitars, you may have dreamt of one day making your own guitar.

And where better to learn the luthiers art than right here in Newtownards – the spiritual home of Irish guitar making. For located within the Avalon Guitars workshops is Ireland’s foremost school of lutherie, the Lagan Lutherie School. 

Under the direction of its principal, Sam Irwin, students are meticulously guided through the entire guitar making process while attending part–time, full time or participating in an intensive four week course. Sam rightly occupies a special place in the annals of Avalon Guitars – he is the co–designer of the very first Avalon range – the Gold Series and has gone on to receive much acclaim for his own guitars, harps and award winning lyres. Now his focus is on imparting his wisdom and knowledge to a new generation of luthiers. 

For more information, visit www.laganlutherieschool.org

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