25 Years Service

25 Years Service

Avalon Guitars marked a milestone for master luthier Ernie McMillan who has celebrated 25 years as a guitar maker.

Ernie started his career in the guitar industry on 5th March 1986 in Bangor, Northern Ireland where he learned his guitar making skills from one of the world’s greatest living luthiers, Mitsohiro ‘Mickey’ Uchida.

Ernie was one of the first guitar makers to join what is now Avalon Guitars when it was established in 1988. Through the years, Ernie has developed into one of Ireland’s leading guitar makers contributing his skill and expertise to guitars made for Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Sinead O’Connor and Bruce Springsteen to name a few and, in addition to his work for Avalon, is called upon to service and repair guitars of all kinds by some of Ireland’s leading musicians.

Commenting on the occasion of Ernie’s 25th anniversary in the guitar industry, Avalon’s director Steve McIlwrath said, “Ernie has made a considerable mark in guitar design, but more vitally, behind the scenes, Ernie has made an astounding contribution to guitar production techniques. His knowledge of guitars and guitar history is unsurpassed and we congratulate him on devoting a quarter of a century to the guitar industry.”

When asked about his proudest moment over the past 25 years, Ernie commented, “Seeing Avalon’s Americana Series come to fruition from start to finish, culminating with winning a prestigious ‘Guitar of the Year’ award, is the most rewarding thing to have been a part of in my 25 years as a guitar maker”.

Ernie’s colleagues joined in the celebrations as Avalon director Steve McIlwrath presented Ernie McMillan with a bronze figurine to mark his 25 years of guitar making.

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