Dog Jammin’!

Dog Jammin’!

Less than a week to go until Dog Jammin returns to Eamonn Dorans. Here’s the craic, in case you didn’t know…

Hi Folks, we’re nearly there!

Less than a week to go until Dog Jammin returns to Eamonn Dorans. Here’s the craic, in case you didn’t know…

Dog Jammin is a charity gig organised to raise funds for Irish Guidedogs for the Blind. It will take place on Saturday 26th of November in Eamonn Dorans Templebar. Doors are at 8:00. The night is a jam session, with a great line up.

The Brian Meakin Band, winners of the Irish Blues challenge 2005 ( A MUST SEE!).

Tony Murray and 40% Proof.

Sunny Blunder.

At the last minute, a further band has been formed to play. It features Tony McDonald on Bass and Harmonica, Gerry on Drums, myself on guitar and Mandy Bell on vocals. We don’t have a name, so let’s just say… The Tony McDonald Experience. My originality knows no bounds!

There will be many other performers on the night, and good fun is guaranteed.

It is 10 Euro at the door, with every Cent going to Irish Guidedogs.

Check out for all the info.

40% Proof are rehearsing hard, and drinking harder in preparation for the gig. We have one more rehearsal planned for Friday night, the Dutchy is chilling in my fridge as I write this.

At Saturday’s session, Brian our bass player introduced us to something called ‘Red Apple Cider’. A potent brew, which tastes a bit like paint stripper. Oh well, the more alcohol the boy consumes, the more slap bass he plays. Let’s hope he is completely hammered on Saturday night!

Have you ever heard of a band with two bass players? Well, you have now. Usually bands have trouble finding bass players, and drummers… not us! John is playing bass, singing, and playing a cow bell solo in 40%. I’ve been in bands with this man for years, ever since the good old hazy days of college. He rocks. He sings. He drinks Bavaria Beer. He’s a legend!

Chaz is playing better than ever. He told me over a pint on Saturday evening that he is heavily influenced by the playing of Mitch Mitchell, the drummer from the Jimi Hendrix experience. Well, he can match the fills, he has the double bass drum thing going… but he beats Mitch in one very important area… His cow bell playing is just outstanding. Tell me, have you ever heard old Mitch hitting a cow bell with such passion?

Des and I are working on our guitar playing, working very hard. We think that if we can just master the chord of E Minor we’re going to hit the big time. We had a long conversation about what the best Wah pedal is on Saturday. We both came to the conclusion that we didn’t really know, but Hendrix was definitely God… Specially when he was doing that waka waka thing at the start of Voodoo Chile. How did he do that anyway?!

Our singers Mandy and Ulla are stunning as always. We had some feedback issues on Saturday in the rehearsal studio, but we soon figured out that it was due to Ulla standing too close to … well, me. My hang over had manifested itself in such a way that I became actually microphonic. So when she came over with her ‘real’ Microphone, we got this horrendous squealing in our ears. To get round the problem, she put the ‘real’ microphone away, and just sang in to my mouth for the session. It was fun, but I really hated being plugged in to the PA, most uncomfortable.

Mandy held us all together as usual, and agreed to bring Richie’s beautiful semi acoustic along on Saturday night! Yay! She tells me that that poor guitar has taken a serious backseat position since he got his Les Paul. We promise to give it a good run out on Saturday. Watch out for Mandy and her cut away t–shirt.

Anyway, come along on Saturday. Bring your friends, family and all the rest of it. Get there as early as possible, the music is kicking off at 8:00 sharp! Listen out for babbling about the post–gig party, we have a few plans, and my friend Fred has a bottle of… Well, a bottle.

Look forward to chatting to you all then.

Take it easy,


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